Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Canadian Adventure: Day 5

Last day! :( Ian and I planned to do the Old Railway Bike Trail and we did.... sort of. We got up early and rode through the Pog Lake campsites down to the dam and across to the trail. Oh... the bugs. I was coated in Deer Flies. Ian had a bee nesting in his hair. I couldn't stop to rest because I would just get surrounded. It was a nightmare. Even worse was that the area was gorgeous... especially early in the morning. But the bugs... I pretty much had a meltdown. We went about 2 or so kilometers in and turned back around. Maybe we'll go back when the bugs aren't as bad!

Once we got back to camp and showered, Ian's mom thought we should go "Moose Hunting" aka "Driving up and down the road to spot Moose eating breakfast". Unfortunately, we didn't see any... just a Heron. We did go back to up to Opeongo Lake. It was the best view.... The water was like glass. So very pretty. I can't wait to go back to this one too.

As I have said many times in every post, I want to go camping there again. A big thank you to Ian's parents, Duncan & Maureen for taking us along. We had a lot of fun. It helped me relax a bit. I was able to put the upcoming move to the back of my mind and enjoy the time off. I hope to see Algonquin next year!

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Maureen said...

Your very welcome. We had lots of fun travelling you!!! Lets do it again nest year.