Thursday, July 21, 2011

Final Inspection Complete!

I must first say... today is one of the hottest days I've ever experienced. It's currently 32 - feels like 43 (90 - feels like 109). Not so great to go into a house that has no AC!

As Ian said, our final inspection could not have gone better. The first site supervisor that worked on this development was not good. He just didn't care anymore. It was very apparent during our framing walkthrough that he had checked out. The new guy, Mike, is THE best. He made us feel so great about everything. He could answer our questions, he knew some of the issues and has solutions lined up, the stuff he didn't know about he got on top of - it was just perfect. We were all smiles when we left. All we have to do is wait to hear from our lawyer about our closing costs and sign the documents to the house. We close in about 5 days. Scary!

Onto the issues... honestly, there weren't many. We checked almost everything if it turned on, opened, closed, we tested it. This list below is probably not everything... but we feel 100% comfortable with the house we're buying. I know we can't be 100% sure we caught every problem, but at least we are comfortable.

  • Entertainment Center: It is finished but the doors, knobs and hinges are not correct. They will be fixed and done for closing.
  • Kitchen Issues: Spice Drawer is missing. Need Pantry pullout shelves moved down one (I can't reach the top one). Dishwasher electrical is not pulled up through the floor due to unconfirmed placement. Mike assured us Mr. Electric can do it for us. Pendant move above the sink is not confirmed but they will look into it.
  • Hardwood: Because of the humidity and settling there are some cracked pieces of hardwood. They will be replaced.
  • Speakers: Haven't been installed yet but that should be happening tonight, definitely by closing.
  • Powder Room: The light isn't centered over the mirror and sink. They will move it.
  • Ensuite: Heat lamp bulb isn't working and will be replaced. Wrong temperature control installed and will be switched.
  • Moldy Fruit Cellar: Mike had all the answers regarding this. He knew it was moist in there and there was some mold. They are installing a vent this week and will be washing the inside down as well. We felt very reassured about this.
  • Siding: Due to the installation issues as well as the heat, some pieces of the siding have been bubbled up or warped. They are going to fix it as much as possible and monitor it over the new few months. We are not too concerned about it. It's noticeable only if you're really looking for it.

There are a bunch of little things I didn't include. He gave us a full run down of how all of our house systems work. It was great because this is our first house. We don't know anything from anything really. Mike was very open and honest about things... if there was a mistake, he would say it was mistake and they will fix it. We are super grateful to our builder, Losani and especially Mike. He has had to come in and clean up the mess that was left by the last guy. And it's clear he is trying to make it as painless as possible for the homeowners. Ian and I left feeling 100% happy. Now all we have to do is work with our lawyer and close this deal up!!

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