Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm/We're Back!

Almost immediately after camping, I had a business meeting in Toronto for 3 days. I had one normal day at home before I left and didn't really bother to unpack! It feels great to be home. Camping was a ton of fun. I am covered in bites (*cough*and scratches*cough*). We saw a moose, a beaver, some loons and a couple Heron. Oh, and lots of deer flies and mosquitoes. =P I will be slowly posting pictures - the trails were amazing!

This weekend will be filled with packing and picking up items from Pottery Barn in Toronto (not excited to have to be driving back to the city again!). My goal is to be super organized by Monday. Clean up the apartment. Sort the mail. Get everything straight for the next busy couple of weeks.

I forgot to add.. we saw A LOT of chipmunks in Algonquin. I brought one home with me!

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