Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Halloween Wrapup

I have jumped at the chance to turn Halloween into a geeky event! We had 62 trick or treaters. We also saw a few trends. A lot of kids had on costumes that are more expected of the opposite gender (confusing sentence). For instance, we had a female Luigi, 2 male ladybugs, and a female pirate. Pirates in general were pretty popular. The nice thing about our new neighborhood is that there are a ton of babies and toddlers. Lots of poofy costumes - flowers, Mr. Potato Heads, etc. I loved handing out candy to the kids while Ian kept track of the number. Ian is making fun of the fact that my graph only has 1 data point. I told him to shush. =P

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Shannon said...

A Mr. Potato head@!?!?!?? OMG I love that!!!!