Monday, November 21, 2011

Preparing For An American Invasion

This weekend was all about ready the troops (Ian and I) for battle against the incoming American invasion. A.k.a. My family is coming to visit in a little less than 2 weeks. Yay! We've been setting up the guest bedrooms, cleaning and making lists (as Ian said "No one else does this...." and my response was "You married a Project Manager - deal with it").

My Mental Health Day was very nice. I got a massage in the morning but unfortunately it just caused the pinched nerve in my neck to flare up. But it's okay... my insurance paid for the massage. =] I wrapped Christmas gifts and got my hair done in the afternoon. I was at the salon for about 3 hours. I had to have my hair striped of the black parts, colored a warm dark brown and then cut. I think it turned out nice.

We put up Christmas lights and slowly started to decorate. I just need to finish the Christmas gift wrapping, put together the grocery list and then we are all set!

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