Monday, March 19, 2012


I know I can't stop talking about this on twitter... but the weather has been fantastic lately. This statement is shocking coming from me because usually I hate this type weather! I enjoy gray clouds, snow, wind, rain and the cold a lot. But I think living in Canada has made me appreciate each season. Winter was less than thrilling this year. Maybe it was going easy on us because we don't have a snow blower. This is a picture of our neighborhood last year. The little bit of sidewalk you can see on the right shows just how deep the snow was.

Ian and I have been going for lots of walks lately. Yesterday, we went in the morning and caught at least 10 chipmunks scampering around the trees. We walked down to one of the ponds and fed a couple geese. It's not the most popular pond for ducks and geese but I am bound and determined to change that!

I spent most of my weekend working on crafts. The neighbor across the street complimented me on my winter wreath (below). She asked if I could make her some of the flowers in yellow and gray. After another run to the craft store, I whipped out about 12 of them and sent them over. She came by last night and dropped off the cost of the felt and a couple of gourmet snacks. So nice...

Then I got started on making posters for Max's 2nd Birthday Party. My brother in law fell victim to my Photoshop skills. He was transformed into the bearded lady!

I also have a new spring wreath and carnival themed wreath in the making. Needless to say there has been a lot of hot glue gun burns. =] Max's party is about 18 days away... I can't wait! 

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