Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning Weekend

We made an honest effort to do yard work this weekend... but it just didn't happen. The food coma we experienced from The Cambridge Mill was brunch was just too much. We ended up taking a nap instead. Ian would probably point out that we needed the batteries for the mower and weed whacker to charge.... *coughexcusescough*

This upcoming weekend is going to be Spring Cleaning Weekend! I can barely contain my excitement... yes I'm being serious. I'm making up my lists this week. Saturday is yard work - rake the gravel from the grass, mow, trim edges, fertilize and water. We have to rake up the gravel because the driveway apron hasn't been done yet. Gravel had gotten mixed up in the snow shoveling and thrown in the grass. I can't wait until the apron is done and the top coat of the street is finished. Sunday will be house work - going through our clothes, cleaning the outside windows, organize the garage and maybe the basement. Ian is less than thrilled about Spring Cleaning Weekend... but I'm sure he'll come around. =P

We've been approached by another neighbor to do a land survey and put up a fence. I know it's common... but I feel fencing is a weird situation. No one wants to step on anyone's toes. Everyone has an opinion. We also discovered that if you don't do it first... or if people on all sides of you aren't on the same page... you'll end up with multiple types of fences. The guy behind us has put up an ugly deck/fence with lattice work on top. It's been nice to have that little bit of privacy... but it's just plain ugly (don't even get me started on the CHEAP brown solar 'lights' he just installed on each post). Now the neighbor on our other side is starting the fence process because every person up the street is. Hopefully it's a design that we can repeat on our street side... otherwise we're going to end up with 3 different fence types in our backyard. There will have to be lots of bushes and crawling vines! :) 

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