Saturday, April 21, 2012

Updated: Starbucks Mug-pocalypse

There are 7 new mugs... although only 6 are pictured:

  • Banff - Brought to me by my co-worker Manny.
  • Denver, Orange County, Colorado, and Chicago - Shockingly purchased by my co-worker Nadine. She had one of those crazy airmiles trips that had a billion stops. 
  • Vancouver Island - Bought by yet another co-worker, Eric. He was my partner in crime on the iPad project at work. So I'm forever grateful.
  • New Orleans (not pictured) - Picked up by Ian's Uncle Joe and Aunt Deborah. 
I've created a page up at the top for our mug collection (mouse under the blog title if you don't see a toolbar!). Our collection is up to 28 mugs! <3 Thanks for everyone's help in building it! :) 

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