Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dining Room Upgrades

Along with a new faucet, Ian and I picked out a piece of art we had been eyeing... and installed a new chandelier in the dining room. Here is what the room looks like now.

The glass on the chandelier is a bit yellowed and almost perfectly matches the room. It looks fantastic when dimmed too.

View from inside the dining room...

While living at the apartment, I found this artist on Etsy that I fell in love with. She happened to live in Cambridge too! Ian and I picked out this piece. It's called 365 Days of Happiness and represents the seasons. I absolutely love it. It makes me so happy. I love the seasons and the weather and colors it brings. I couldn't get a good picture in the dining room of it so here is one from the artist.

It's even prettier close up. It's made with acrylic on canvas and the circles have some texture. Again, it makes soooooo happy.

All in all it was a very productive weekend!

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