Thursday, May 3, 2012

House Flippers

When purchasing the new house, we signed an agreement that said we couldn't sell the house until a year after closing. This didn't bother us since we have no intention of ever moving! As time goes on, it becomes completely clear which neighbors bought a house just to flip it. For Sale signs are popping up all over the place (4 just in our little section). I'm sure there are one or two people who are selling because they aren't happy. But today we stumbled on a few real estate sites with pictures. It's clear the ones who didn't intend to stay long.

I decided something after viewing the pictures. I love my house. I have excellent taste. Other people.. not so much. =P

Take for instance this living room.... yeah....

As Ian asked... why put down a fuzzy rug the same color as the carpet??

This entertainment center isn't bad... but ours is amazing compared to it. I find it kind of boring.

I'm not sure about this room. Black curtains, brown floor, multi-colored rug.. and brown baby puke couch. Nice.

Yup... I love my house. <3

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