Monday, June 4, 2012

Let The Landscaping Begin!

I just received an email from our builder... Our lot has finally had its grading certified! This means we are free to put up a fence or have the backyard landscaping done without fear of it getting ripped up (at our expense)!

The first step that will begin very shortly is the land survey. We are going in with 4 other neighbours so it won't cost much. It will give us peace of mind that anything we do won't cause us property dispute trouble in the future. After that post holes will be done. We've agreed to have our carpenter neighbour do the fence work - at least on the side that we share. The fence will tie in to our rear neighbour's fence, come out to the property line (since the rear neighbour's does not) and then extend back between our houses. One panel or so will divide them and then be open since the space between is pretty much useless. The fence will look somewhat like this:

The basic idea is to have close fitting boards with an open square lattice at the top. There will be two gates, we think, at the front of the houses. I'm to the point where I don't care what it looks like. I just want a fence on that side. People walk through like it's no big deal. Seriously. I'm like this little dude.

We are going to be looking into landscaping very shortly. Ian's uncle, who I call Farmer Bill, is a landscape architect. He popped by for a visit a few months ago and gave us some great ideas. Expense but great. :) We really want a stone patio for the back. Our dreams were dashed of having a fire pit - we are missing about 4 feet in our backyard to be able to do it and comply with the by-law. But who would want to do that............. :P Anyway, whatever we go with, I am sure it will look fantastic. It will be so nice to move the barbecue out of the garage and be able to sit out there. We hope to have it done in the fall.

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