Monday, June 18, 2012

Michael Bay’s TMNT Reboot Gets Shut Down

YAY. This was getting pretty ridiculous. Michael Bay wanted to change the back story for TMNT. Seriously?? Change a story that every kid of that generation knows?? They were going to be aliens. Aliens. REALLY? Thankfully the TMNT fanboys can settle down. It's cancelled... hopefully for forever.

Michael Bay’s TMNT Reboot Gets Shut Down:

If you were dreading Michael Bay’s alien, non-mutant interpretation of TMNT, you may be in luck, because Paramount has just shut down production, and the problem is apparently the script. The film was in pre-production in Vancouver, and was set for release in December 2013. That date has reportedly been pushed to May 2014. However, other reports indicate that the studio is temporarily laying off pre-production staff and informing those prepping the film that the work stoppage is “indefinite”.
It seems Paramount has listened to fans of the franchise. Hopefully this will result in a complete script makeover that will be more pleasing to die-hards (or the death of the project).
(THR via i09)

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