Monday, July 23, 2012

Digifit + Polar H7

Awesome. Tonight I completed my first workout after being sick for 2 weeks. It is also my first workout using my new Polar H7 that I bought from the Digifit shop. I know that I shouldn't need the validation.. but being able to see how hard I am working is so very helpful. My cardio workout is usually an interval workout. It's helpful to see the high points and once I get down to a certain range I know I need to work back up. Here is a link to my workout: Just Dance. I try to get down to just above the Fitness range and then I'm back at it. For a geek who likes metrics... it's wonderful.

The consistent tracking I got from the H7 and Digifit was a HUGE step from the Scoshe myTrek. I didn't have to fuss with it once it was on. With the myTrek I would sometimes pause my workout to try to get it going again. Ridiculous. The Polar H7 was easy to put on, quick to connect to Digifit and it's surprisingly comfortable to wear. I can't wait to get back in the gym with it and go for walks with Ian.

I stuck to just 30 minutes of Just Dance tonight. I think I could have done more but I want to take it easy given that it's my first day back from being sick. I feel good. :)

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