Thursday, August 23, 2012

Landscaping Day 12: Stalking Landscapers

I worked from home today. Which means for the first time, I was able to stalk our landscapers. :) It also means that I was home when I got the "I have bad news for you" phone call from the landscaping company. More neighbour crap. I don't understand people. I really don't. The bad neighbour next door went to the neighbour directly behind him and wrongly convinced him that one of our posts was on his property. We have done our due diligence. Before today I didn't want to go outside because it was such an awkward situation. After today, I'M PISSED OFF. Do these people have nothing better to do? How about checking your facts before causing issues? Hell.. how about coming to the damn door to talk about it with me directly instead of bothering my hard working landscapers? Grow a pair and ring the doorbell. I was sitting right there in my office looking straight at the idiot. There's no way he didn't see me. Then I could have told him he should take a second and look at his Surveyor's Property Report. I have mine right here along with the fact that I paid for a land survey. He has a dinky little property and the post is not on his land. I'm done being nice.


On with the good stuff! They made a lot of progress with the waterfall today.. and I think we almost have the final layout! The water flows out of the top down onto 2 flagstones. The rest is a little bubbly creek. I think it will be beautiful once the water clears up. I can't wait to be sitting out there.

EVERYTHING is covered in the dust from them cutting the stones. I think I'm most excited to see the stonework when it's back to its true color. When water is flowing over the flagstones, they are a nice dark gray. I love it!

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