Saturday, August 18, 2012

Landscaping Day 8: PATIO!!

This day did not start out good. Our neighbours stated in the beginning "A good fence makes good neighbours". They are being anything but good neighbours. They want it a certain way... and they don't care what the city code is... or how much it could cost us. They nailed the coffin of my feelings about them by yelling at our extremely nice, patient landscapers. It's no secret that Ian and I do not know the first thing about landscaping, city codes, grades or anything dealing with construction. That is why we are paying a significant amount to a landscaper who has been in business since 1985. I am so grateful they have been able to field the questions for us. As well as bear the brunt of the anger coming from the "I know everything, and the landscapers who have been in business 20+ years know nothing" neighbour. The only thing I can say is that we have tried. We tried to compromise with them. But as soon as the words "We would have to rip up your patio..." came out of my landscapers mouth... I was done. Personally, we both just wanted the landscaper to do it from the beginning. I would also like just a little perspective for this whole situation. It's a goddamn fence. Not the end of the world. We gave them plenty of notice this was happening. If you don't like it, put up a fence next to ours. Just don't touch ours. :)

The stone patio was finished on Friday. It was so exciting! Even though Ian and I didn't feel like being home to enjoy it (yes, we like to avoid confrontation AT ALL COSTS).. it was still nice to see the pattern laid out. Right now it's covered in a sand that they used to fill it, so it's hard to see the true color. But it's a mix of light and dark grey with a banding of red stone near the edge. I love it!

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