Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beneath The 10 Day Mark

Freaking out! Family descending on house in less than 10 days!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

I'm okay. Ian and I are only freaking out a little bit. The main reason is that we currently do not have a delivery date for the bed we ordered. I'm hoping that it will be resolved or even delivered by Friday. /crossfingers The weather is going to be cold much to the dismay of my mother. But we have promised to turn on the heat and will probably run the fireplace. We do not have a firepit for outside - sad - but we can at least view the pretty backyard from inside the warm house!

This weekend is the Dry Run Thanksgiving. We are actually having it tomorrow. Ian's parents will be running away for the weekend and we will also be celebrating the birth of the baby Drew. Seen here:

What a guy.... Anyway, I'm restraining myself from making it look like Fall threw up on our house.  I think I was somewhat successful... Ian might say otherwise.... :|  

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