Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I think 2012 was a fun year. Here's a quick list of notable events:
  • Celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary
  • Ian turned 26
  • We upgraded some items on the house - kitchen faucet, dining room lighting, general decor
  • I got an Xbox and started dancing up a storm
  • Started to explore our neighborhood
  • Both of us were promoted at work
  • Successfully executed Phase 1 of our landscaping project 
  • I turned 30 *grumble* but my family came for the event so that was wonderful
  • Enjoyed lots of football - Both of us saw our first NFL game. I finished 2nd in my work Fantasy league, 4th in the Zebra league and currently battling for 2nd place in my office pool. Ian was not a bridesmaid this year... but he wasn't the bride either. He finished 3rd in the Zebra league.

What's up for 2013?
  • I'm going to Puerto Rico for my work meeting
  • Ian is going to some resort for a work meeting
  • May Trip to California - It's been far too long. We're going for Kelly's wedding but can't wait to spend a lot of time with my mom. 
  • Big Birthday Bash for Coop - He's turning 5. Rumors are of an Angry Birds theme. 
  • Christmas in California - Two trips to California in one year? Yeaaah baby! 
  • More decorating... I'm going to let my crafty side out a little more to play. 
Happy New Year!! Here's to a productive 2013!

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Shannon said...

I love this blog! So fun to recap the year and look ahead!