Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anna Mae's

Last weekend we went with Ian's family to Anna Mae's in Millbank, ON. It's only about an hour away but feels out in the middle of the country. The Mennonite-run restaurant has simple but delicious food and the best cheesecake I've ever had (yes, I worked out the calories for it....). Some of us had little complaints about our meal - didn't get the usual rolls with soup, my caesar salad wrap had cheese on it when I said to leave it off, not enough gravy on the hot beef sandwiches that everyone else ordered, etc. Conveniently we are using this as an excuse to go back in a couple weekends. :P (This picture was from google. It was most definitely NOT 15 degrees Celsius... the parking lot is also not covered in snow and it happened to be snowing when we were there.) 

I had heard on the radio about a place close to the restaurant called The Orange Barn. I've been on a little bit of an orange kick lately. This place gets monthly shipments of citrus fruit and it's first come, first served until they sell out. The store is just a cold concrete building with people taking orders and then checking the box they give you. They have samples of the different oranges and grapefruit. A 20lb box of large navel oranges (direct from CALIFORNIA) was $15.50 - pretty sweet. :) I've had a couple already and they are fantastic. I gave some to my mother in law but the rest are down in the fruit cellar. Finally able to use that room for it's actual purpose - move over soda, canned goods and rice. (They don't look great in the photo but they are soooo good.)

We saw a lot of snowmobiles out and about... but it was difficult to get a picture of them as most were FLYING. We passed a few horse and buggies along the way as well. Hopefully we make it back there in a couple weekends - they are on a "meat schedule" and Ian wants to have their turkey dinner - shocking.. I know.


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