Monday, February 25, 2013


Last Thursday, I went to the lab and had blood work done. I also did a Glucose Tolerance Test. DISGUSTING. I haven't heard the details... but I got a call from my doctor's office that the numbers look better than they have before and I need to come in to discuss my anemia - shocking. I've never had to worry about results from blood work. My numbers were usually the same every time - slightly high white cell counts, pretty anemic. December's blood test was a little different and there was cause for concern on my doctor's part. This resulted in the gross glucose tolerance test and more blood work. I'm over the moon just to hear "numbers look better...". That's all I want. 

Brittany Upgraded By The Numbers 
Starting Weight: 308.2 
Starting BMI: 48.3
Current Weight: 288.6
Current BMI: 45.2
Goal Weight: 160

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