Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowmageddon Update

Ian and I barely survived the day. It was hellish. Covered in blankets. Working from home. Warm house. Pfft. Crazy!

Backyard Update - Owly is very buried... He might become unburied tonight because of the blowing snow.... but he is most certainly not  happy.

The bushes at the edge of the garden wall are almost covered!

For whatever reason.. we decided to LEAVE THE HOUSE. (Missing an onion for dinner = doing weekly shopping on snow day). It was certainly interesting... Ian shoveled again before we left... it was about another inch on the driveway. 

This is the good road. Same with all the pictures.. it doesn't do it justice. It was fairly deep and pretty scary when another car came from the opposite direction.

Most of the trees look like this:

And we saw a couple of these: 

View while driving up our street. It seemed to be snowing harder at this point. Pretty sure the snow in the air right now is just blowing snow.

Ian took the second shift for shoveling. This time he didn't have the help of the nice neighbors. He said there was about 6 inches of snow on the sidewalk. (Yes, he is wearing his Quatchi hat!)

Pretty sure we are getting a snowblower next winter... 

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