Saturday, March 16, 2013


Let's face the facts. There is no football. Ians get bored when there is no football or non-spring training baseball. We live in a house that is mostly a blank canvas. At some point an Ian will wake up in the middle of winter and say... "we must DO ALL THE THINGS". 

It is the job of a Brittany to just let it happen. That is exactly what I did! Ian woke up last Sunday and decided it was the day he was going to do every project ever. He put up curtain rods, hung the drapes, drilled holes in the entertainment center and planned out future projects. He was busy most of the day... and for a majority of the time I just walked behind him cleaning up. The following pictures are the results. On a side note, trying to take pictures of windows in the winter is hard as hell. The blinding snow confused my little point and shoot. I can't wait to get a real camera that can handle such shots!

We put up the same rod and drapes in the living room and dinette. We started to switch out the lampshades for the Ikea ones... just to add a little pattern to the room.

The dining room turned out very nice. It was really hard to imagine drapes in any of the rooms but the dining room actually looks finished! It's not and needs about 3k in decor... but that's besides the point! :) 

Again, photographing the windows was really hard... lights on? lights off? day? night? Here's the dining room with the lights on. It's so pretty!

While he had the drill out, he made the holes in the entertainment center - one for the digital picture frame and remote control charging base and then a couple air holes for the side that heats up when the doors are closed. Big thanks to Ian "The Tool Man" Matheson. He said he has a lot of "project inertia". It takes him awhile to get off the ground but once he gets going there's no stopping him. Personally, I can't wait for spring... and crazy project Ian. :)

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