Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beautiful Weather

After my declaration on Saturday, Sunday rolled in with wonderful rain and warm weather. It rained heavily in the early morning and a warm breeze came through. I posted a picture on twitter of the snow at the front of the house and by the afternoon most of it was gone. We were able to go for our first walk of Spring around the neighborhood. It's in the 50s but there was definitely a wind chill factor... the wind had turned cold by the time we got out. 

The field next to our development will be turned into houses at some point. There is a spot that dips down and there's a little pond that has developed and hasn't gone away since we moved in. Ducks like to think it's a real pond. :)

We did our usual route that takes us down by the real pond. There was a pair of geese and a pair of ducks in it. I'm so happy that we could get out and that most of the snow has gone away. We weren't able to do any lawn care this weekend but will probably be able to this coming weekend. Yay! (I'm excited to do lawn work... what is wrong with me? :P)

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