Monday, April 8, 2013

Professional Taste Testers

Our Sunday took a weird turn... We went out to breakfast which is something that we never do. Afterwards, we walked to Sobey's to look for a green chili that we hadn't been able to find. When we walked inside, a woman said that they were have taste testing for Taco Seasoning and they would give us a $5 gift card each for our participation. Having nothing better to do, we headed upstairs into a small kitchen. They poured us each a glass of water and then handed us a tray with 4 little cups filled with hamburger and a tortilla chip.

I only got this fuzzy picture of the kitchen... I think I was little shocked that it was something so formal. There was a person in the back who seemed to be monitoring the testing, a couple people serving and the chef. The first one I tried was awful but Ian thought it was excellent... turns out the cups were randomized. It was an interesting experience... one that we might repeat next week... it's chicken wings! :P 

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