Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pretty Landscaping Takes Hard Work

Last weekend, we went to Dirt Cheap, a local landscape material depot to pick up some mulch and lawn top dressing. This was the first time laying down mulch since we had the landscaping done. The 14 bags we purchased was just a guess. We ended up making another trip for 8 more bags. Sunday was spent getting extremely dirty, sun burnt and exhausted. But the landscaping looks fantastic. It took 8 hours to spread out 22.5 bags of mulch across all of the garden beds, all of the lawn top dressing and a bag of seed. 

Since the weather has turned, we were able to put out the patio furniture cushions. 

The backyard lawn is looking so good.

I really wish the Shademaster Locust Tree would realize it's spring already...

The maple trees on the side yard have started to come back.

Looking back at the patio... I love how the garden beds look with the fresh black mulch. Thankfully we only have to do this once a year. :)

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