Monday, June 3, 2013

Kitchen Adventures: Green Tea Salmon

Full Title: Green Tea Salmon with Coconut Rice and Miso Greens. This is a rave review. We are in love.

Ingredients: Salmon Fillets, Green Tea, Olive Oil, Light Coconut Milk, Basmati Rice, Lemon, Red Chili, Ginger Root, Miso Paste, Cilantro, Honey, Soy Sauce, Sugar Snap Peas, Broccolini, Asparagus, Lime
Everything about this meal was so delicious. Perfectly cooked and seasoned fresh Atlantic Salmon with the skin. Perfect Coconut Rice. Spicy greens lightly dressed in a Miso sauce. DROOL. The recipe has you turn the salmon skin into a potato chip-like thing. It is so, so good.. I'm running out of ways to describe the really good recipes we have done. This one is for the top of the list. 603 calories. YES YES YES.

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