Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spring California Trip: Kelly's Wedding

Ian and I got all dressed up for Kelly's wedding. I think we looked pretty snazzy. :P

The ceremony and reception was held at the Malibou Lake Mountain Club. The Canada Geese followed us here apparently. 

View of the lake from the lawn where the ceremony was held. 

Fancy bride getting pictures taken. 

The ceremony started with James walking up. It was mostly shaded over the chairs, which was since it was a bit warm in the sun. 

Kelly has the cutest little niece. 

And a very determined ring bearer. 

Then came the Bride and Father of the Bride. 

Back view of her dress. She had a really pretty veil. 

Yay! They are married. 

These were the centerpieces at the high bar tables following the ceremony. So pretty!

There were a lot of cute little things that added to the wedding. 

There were chocolate strawberries. :)

And lots of dancing...

Even Ian danced. Gangnum Style and everything. It was great wedding! :)

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