Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring California Trip: Lots Of Screaming

Yesterday was another beautiful but HOT day in California. We went to Eggs N' Things for breakfast and got taught a lesson by a $5 bill.

The title of this post is because we played a lot of Heads Up! Thankfully guessing is just as much fun as giving clues, so we all took turns. Of course, when Ian took the helm he got the highest score we've seen so far - 11. 

Following this game we headed to the movies and saw "Now You See Me", the movie about magicians that rob banks. It was really good, a little funny and, despite what Ian and Mom think, could produce a sequel. After the movie, we went to a new gourmet burger place called Smash Burger. Definitely a hit with us. We came home and worked up a sweat playing more Heads Up! Seriously, the game is a workout - it's super stressful for both sides but loads of fun. I'm sure we will play more today but I'm starting to lose my voice! Dinner was at Cisco's.

We were a little speechless when we arrived. There was a party bus out front and tons of people inside and outside the bar. There were clowns, a penguin, mimes, Captain Jack Sparrow, Slutty Girl A & B, Aladdin, Drumming Monkey, Girl With Apple On Her Head And A Maid's Costume and The Flying Indian. It was super loud and the service was slow because of the influx. But it got better as the night went on and we enjoyed a lot of Chips & Salsa. :) We went home and played more Heads Up! We're a little addicted. :P

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Maureen said...

Way to go Ian......That's my BOY!!!