Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Clovermead Adventure Farm

Clovermead is technically a bee apiary with an adventure farm attached. Basically it's a whole lotta fun!

We headed to the outhouse first. The signs all over the farm were fantastic. 

Yes, that is a bee hive behind the toilet. 

Max and Cooper got gobbled at by the turkey. 

There were piggies! Freshly dipped in mud. 

A sheared sheep!

Like I said... the signage is awesome. 

Cute little goats. 

And the favorite... Norman the calf. 

By the way... we took along a couple of bees. 

I really liked the billy goat bridge. 

Giant jumping pillow!

Kamber and the boys tamed the wild bee. 

Max and Cooper survived the black hole. 

Kamber made sure the kids were never unattended. :P

Max was happy on the spider ropes...

...but not so happy when we walked away from a slide. 

We took the Enchanted Bee Yard Trail and saw the beekeeper. 

We took a very short tractor ride (it broke down). 

Before I forget there were cute rabbits and sleepy piggies too. 

We took home a couple sleepy piggies. :)

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