Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kitchen Adventures: Asian Fish with Miso Noodles & Crunchy Veg

YES. YES. YES. 5 out of 5. YES.

YES. Lightly, quickly baked Salmon and White Fish (we used Haddock). Salty, slightly spicy noodles. Finely sliced greens with radishes. We couldn't go wrong. This is a TRUE 15 Minute Meal and it's incredibly easy to make. We've had a few dishes out of this book that have just been off the charts. (As Jamie Oliver would say... OFF. THE. CHART!!!) This was so flavorful. The fish bought from Caudle's Catch was fresh - honestly can't say enough good things about Caudle's... having a fish monger right up the street from us has been so great. Their prices aren't half bad, especially for salmon fillets. Who the hell cares how many calories a serving this is? Worth a 1000! (559 calories though.... :D) /HIGHFIVE - Terrible, completely disappointing, blurry/sun bleached photo incoming. :|

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