Monday, July 29, 2013


...and the livin' is easy. What have we been up to since the kid visit? Stuff. It's been really hot lately and has only started to cool off this weekend. We've been going for lots of walks and have seen a lot of local wildlife. 

*Not pictured: Numerous heron, cardinals and ducks. One skunk as well. 

What's on the books this quarter? Try and get through the hot month of August. Then the start of the Fall Birthday Gauntlet beginning with Duncan's birthday. September should be really busy with travel. 3 or 4 days camping with Ian's parents on Labor Day Weekend. 4 days in Virginia for Coop Scoop's 5th birthday. A week later, Ian and I are going to California for a long 9 day visit that includes my Mom's birthday. I have 4 days of work during the week but I get Friday off and two weekends free. That's exciting! Other than that... nothing much but looking forward to Fall... oh.. and.. START OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON!! WOOOO!! :)

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