Monday, August 26, 2013

August To September Highlights

I've been patiently waiting for fall to arrive. I tried to decorate this weekend but Ian wasn't having any of it. Instead, he kept me busy cleaning the garage. Here are some highlights for us from the end of August through September. Exciting stuff!

  • August 27th: Duncan, my FiL, turns the ripe old age of 55. Getting present ideas out of him was worse than pulling teeth but we came up with a few things that he may like. 
  • Also on the 27th: Fantasy Football Draft for work. Owl Rock You will not be a bridesmaid again this year!
  • August 29th: New glasses! Not all the exciting for anyone else but me.. I'm scared though. Ian was on the fence about liking them. They are little bigger than normal.. but they fit my face more and match my current hair color... I don't know... Hate decisions.... Pictures may or may not be posted.
  • August 30th - September 2nd: Glamping with the In-Laws near Algonquin. I say "glamping" because Come On... it's pretty posh.
  • September 5th: THE START OF FOOTBALL SEASON WOOOOOO!!!! (Current prediction: Seattle goes 13-3)
  • September 5th - 8th: Trip to Virginia for Chips and Salsa. Oh, alright... and to see Max, Cooper, Mom, Kamber and Derek (in no particular order.........)
  • September 14th - 22nd: Personal/Business Trip to California. 9 days. Fan-freaking-tastic. 
  • September 18th: Mom turns the ripe old age of 35. :>

Other than all of that.. no additional plans. The weather has been decent but slowly getting hotter. Today there was a 60% chance for thunderstorms. It currently looks like the end of days outside. Black sky. Pouring rain. Lots of lightning. Fun! 

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Maureen said...

Well........What about the MiL's B-Day??? It's ok, I see where I stand!!!