Friday, September 27, 2013

Preparing For A Third Wheel

We knew we needed to buy a new car when we had kids. The Neon is GREAT (hopefully it can't read this) but it's too small, too old, and we really should have two cars. After weeding out other cars because of size, options and price, we landed on the Ford Edge SEL. Here is a sample picture.

We decided to buy now because it is month end, quarter end and model year end. Dealers want to deal and I think we got a pretty good one. The only problem is that because it is model year end, they don't have many in stock. Especially ones that are Mineral Gray (the color above), Medium Light Stone interior, and have options that include a panoramic roof, power liftgate, remote start, touch screen controls, leather seating, etc. The coolest option that I am not sure we will use but is probably good to have.. a fold flat front passenger seat. Ian and I test drove it (got lost) and loved it. Lots of pick up and go. Feels solid and MASSIVE compared to the Neon. Pretty sure I'm going to mow down children and the elderly in it.

Anyway, because there were none available that we wanted, our car will be built and delivered in about 10 weeks. There's no rush on our end, so we are pretty happy!

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