Monday, October 21, 2013

Babymoon 2013: North Conway

This morning we headed to North Conway, NH which is about 45 minutes away from the hotel. The drive was really cool as the road went through the mountains of a national park. We went to this town so that I could go to a store called The Christmas Loft.

There aren't many words to describe this store. (Too dark and too many people to take any pictures!) It's huge and sells, you guessed it, Christmas items. They had some fall theme decorations as well. It was overwhelming at first because it's really dark inside. There are little "villages" you walk inside that have themes... They sold every ornament you could possibly imagine.

Yup! That's a Red Sox Nutcracker! (blurry)


The main purpose of going was to see what Department 56 Villages they had. I've been wanting to collect a set for awhile and I'd landed on the New England Village series. It fits with our house and isn't as "flashy" as some of the other villages. I chose a retired piece to start with. There are a lot more pieces from the collection that I want. Some of them don't have snow or Christmas decorations in the buildings... so I might stay away from those. I got this building and a "gate" that as a wreath on it.

The "Colonial Post and Telegraph".

After the crazy Christmas Loft, we walked around town and stopped to get a slice of true Boston Pizza. Fantastic.. The good kind of pizza that is a little bit thin and soft but the bottom is crispy. We visited the Conway train station and made plans to take a scenic train tour on Wednesday. (I decided that I was brave enough to ride the Cog Railway but not brave enough to pay the fare - $64 per person!! No thanks... I'll view the mountain from the bottom.) Ian got some Red Sox gear. US prices plus no tax. Sweet.

Beard Shirt and a better fitting Red Sox hat.

We got back to the resort for Ian's tee time and my Mommy To Be massage. It was probably the best massage I've ever had. The pregnancy pillow was comfortable and the table was heated. The best part was after I turned over, instead of laying flat on my back, he raised up the back and knee part of the table so that I was mostly sitting up.. super comfortable. Now I'm back in the room, a pile of goo and massage oil waiting for Ian to come back from his round of golf. Great vacation so far!
Here's a random picture from the drive.


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