Thursday, October 24, 2013

Babymoon 2013: Scenter of the Universe

On Tuesday, we headed down to South Deerfield, Massachusetts. What is there you ask? Why, the SCENTER OF THE UNIVERSE! At least that's what's on the front of the building. :P

We took a scenic route down through New Hampshire, across to Vermont and then down into Massachusetts. A lot of "wows" were said... I only got a couple good pictures on my phone. I left the good camera behind. :(


So what is the scenter of the universe? Yankee Candle Company Village. :)
Mums everywhere. Pumpkins everywhere. I was in heaven. The place is huge and sells not just candles... lots of home decor and.... Department 56 collections. Imagine my surprise when we turn a corner and see exactly what we saw on Monday! A vast dark space that looks like Christmas threw up everywhere... Carols playing... fake snow falling from the sky and a huge display of Department 56 collectibles. We looked over the selection and I really had no intention of buying anything...... until I saw that Yankee Candle Company had its own limited edition version of their store that fit with the New England Village set. Yup, I'm a sucker. I'll post pictures of that and the other cool thing we bought when we are back in Canada.
After the village visit and lunch at the restaurant there, we headed to Merrimack, New Hampshire. We drove there because it was sort of on our way back from Massachusetts and... it had a Premium Outlet that had a Lane Bryant store in it. I'm saving most of my dollars for the Motherhood Maternity outlet in Maine. But sadly, while on this trip, I have outgrown my jeans and I only have one pair of comfy pants to wear. I picked up a second set for $20 and then we headed back to the hotel.


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