Thursday, October 17, 2013


Definition: A vacation taken by a couple either soon before, or soon after, the birth of their baby. 

This term was not a part of my vocabulary until Ian had a discussion with his boss and the topic came up. His boss said he did not take a babymoon before having his kids and he has regretted it. He pushed Ian on the idea and offered to cover the costs. After a lot of discussions, we have decided to take him up on the offer. Timing was important since we are both busy at work, the weather is quickly turning cold, and I have a bunch of appointments coming up. So as crazy as it is... we are leaving on Saturday for a week! This was just confirmed/booked on Tuesday... so my mind is still getting wrapped around the idea. :)

Where are we going? Again, after much debate.. we are taking a tour of New England. It's something that Ian did as a kid and loved it... I love fall and our visit is at the end of the season but the trees will still be gorgeous. I knew that I didn't want to fly. September was the month of air travel. I'm not gigantic but I know that I would be uncomfortable.. and spend most of the time in the lavatory. :P

We are renting a car and heading to Plattsburgh, New York the first night. The next day we will take a short ferry ride across Lake Champlain to Mount Washington, New Hampshire. Possibly stopping in Waterbury, Vermont at the Ben & Jerry's Factory. We'll stay at the Omni Mount Washington Resort for 4 nights. My lovely mother looked at it and said "That looks like the Overlook". Huh? "The Overlook. The hotel in The Shining". ... Awesome! Thanks Ma! :| The next day Ian tells me "Your mom may be on to something.. The Mount Washington Hotel has long been rumored to be the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write his classic horror novel and subsequent movie “The Shining.” Double Awesome. :|

The hotel also has an awesome bar called The Cave that was a former Speakeasy.

While we are at the hotel, we plan on taking a few day trips to explore. One will be down to the Yankee Candle Company Flagship Store in Massachusetts. Ian might play some golf while I get a Mommy To Be massage. :D

After Mount Washington, we will head to Bar Harbor, Maine for one night. Tour the area... have some lobster. Relax. :) It should be a ton of fun. Depending on wireless access, I will post some pictures along the way. Unless a writer named Jack gets cabin fever. :| Again, thanks for the nightmares Ma!

To get Ian even more excited about the trip.. I picked up these... Pink Road Trip Mints!

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