Monday, October 28, 2013

Who Likes Pink?

We had another appointment at McMaster today. The ultrasound took a really long time since they had requested a higher level of detail. The good news is that my amniotic fluid looked good. The bad news is that they still didn't get everything they wanted to see. Like I said in the last McMaster post, they check for the known potential issue but they also check for anything else. They have a long checklist of items they want to see... For example, the last visit they couldn't see the feet completely. This time the baby was on its side and the feet could be seen. But they couldn't check off some facial features, brain and heart sections. When they can't see something it's almost always due to positioning. The genetic counselor is very good at letting us know she is in no way concerned. Unfortunately, this does mean I have to go back in a couple weeks. Boo.

This visit was different though... because the tech could see the gender! We're having a GIRL! I was convinced it was a boy. Ian had no idea but is really happy with a girl. I'm still a little in shock. :) We came home and ordered the nursery furniture. We had been waiting because the color depended on what we were having.


Here it is. Double dresser, 4n1 crib and a night stand.



The colors of the nursery will be pink, gray and white. Here is the crib set I've picked.


I'm in love with the mobile... elephants!



And Ian can't have a baby without bunnies. :)



Here is Baby Girl Matheson's latest glamor shot. Head to the right. Most likely sucking her thumb. :D




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