Monday, February 17, 2014

Almost Done

We are putting the finishing touches on the nursery. I'm finishing up some little crafts and we are waiting on the bookcase to put everything together. I had planned on filling a frame with the birth announcement but I found something better I think. It let me experiment with the Silhouette that I got for Christmas. I absolutely love that machine! 

I'll post pictures of the completed nursery as soon as possible. It's turning out to be better than I had imagined. I know some people have opinions about putting work into a nursery... but for me it's a chance to decorate and experiment.. maybe even nest a bit. The baby won't care (she'll judge.. but she won't care.. :P) and it gets my mind off of things. So thanks for your patience while the nursery is under construction!

EDIT: Yes, those are fortune cookie fortunes. Drew is our witness... Ian opened the first one Saturday and the second one on Monday. It is awesome and super creepy. But yes, Ian is really excited. 

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Unknown said...

Love that you framed both fortunes! Who is ever giving you crap about YOUR nursery and what YOU do with it needs to jump in a LAKE!