Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Emma - 1 Month Old

Ian and I are a little in disbelief that Emma has turned 1 month old. Time flies when you're trying to keep up with the diapers, feedings and naps. Some days it feels like the year off will go by quickly... and other days Emma plays what I call the "Nuclear Reactor Game" and melts down multiple times. But then she smiles a bunch and it makes it all worth it. :) Yes, the picture above says 10 pounds, 9 ounces.. as the doctor said "No failure to thrive for this girl!". 

Credits: Photo - Mommy, Headband - Daddy, Onesie - G-Ma,
Month Sticker - Aunt Kam's friend Ashley, Blanket - Daddy's Boss Eve, Cuteness - Emma
Here she is full length...

...and scrunched back up!

Her usual pose...

...and a face full of cute!

We had our 1 month baby checkup appointment today. Everything is really good with her... you can't ask for anything more than a happy, healthy baby. She's also got this one wrapped around her little finger. :P

We are looking forward to her "coming fully online" and starting to interact with us more. :) 

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