Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Board Game Weekends

We are trying to pack in the Board Game Weekends because we are running out of opportunities to have them. Drew is going back to school in the fall and will probably be "busy" on the weekends. Emma will probably start sleeping less and be more interactive. A couple weekends ago, we had lots of fun with Uncle Drew and an extended Board Game Weekend. Ian moved the Jumparoo into the dining room to be with us... Emma included. :P
Aside from hanging out in her Jumparoo, she likes to hang out with Daddy.
"Hmmm... Your hand isn't very good daddy".
"Alright, pick this card. It's your best option".
Tummy Time with Uncle Drew is also fun.
He's on the spit up clean up crew.
All that activity can be exhausting...
...just kidding!

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