Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Emma - 4 Months Old

Growing by leaps and bounds!*

Her birthday sneaks up on us... but this one came just as Emma was having so many leaps forward. She rolled over one day and hasn't stopped. She sleeps on her stomach now which freaks out mom and dad. We are in the middle of growth spurt/wonder week. Her daytime feedings are rough since she wants to be moving/talking/playing/eating all at once and can't. The tough days are made better when she lays in your arms and "talks" to you. Or lays on her tummy and "reads" a book with you. She's our big gooball! 

Always trying to be a ball...

...and always trying to eat her feet. :P


I call this "Serious but flailing."

*Measurements are approximate as our doctor appointment is on Thursday!

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