Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Emma - 7 Months Old

My ball of goo is 7 months old!! 

Emma is full of energy and on the go 24/7. If you put her down in the living room and go to the kitchen, she WILL find you... she might be sobbing and army crawling but she will do it! We can run races with her up and down the hallway as she chases us in her walker. The last week or so she's started to pull herself onto things. She's active even when she is sleeping... basically doing laps around her crib. I spend my days trying to harness this energy, stopping her from putting everything in her mouth and enjoying her little changes. The last few days she's started to "talk" with little coos and goos. The picture below captures her mid-coo. 

Like the last couple of months, the photo shoot was interesting. I had to stop her from eating her foot...

...eating the "set"...

...being silly... 

..and being sad. 

She's easy to turn around though.

That's my chick! 

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