Thursday, January 15, 2015

Emma - 10 Months Old

10 Months. /sniffle

My job has changed. I have a new title. I went from "Mom" to "Midget Wrangler" in about a month's time. As soon as Emma started pulling herself up to stand, Ian and I knew the end was near. Little did we know how soon it was. Shortly after turning 9 months old, she took her first step. One day it was 2 steps... 3... 4.... She just decided that she was done crawling and walking was so much faster. A week later she managed to stand up from sitting. Then she started talking. At first it was babbling.. something she never did. It was either coos, whines, cries or screams with her. Suddenly she had so much to say! Currently, she can say Dada pretty well and I think she knows what it means. 

But we are deep into a screaming phase. She has a blood curdling scream that can break glass. She does it when she is happy, sad, wanting attention, wanting food, not wanting food, getting her diaper changed. Pretty much all the time and only stops when she sleeps. She sleeps very well /knockonwood. So... I guess you can't have it all. I love this little bugger.

What the hell...? I'm 10 months old??


Dude that's a little bright...

Still really bright.

Time to scream.

Whew. All that screaming made me need a water break. 

Okay, back to screaming.

Fine, I'm out.

What do you want woman??

Okay fine... I'll come back. :P

*Note: Measurements are somewhat approximate. She's hard to wrangle. 

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