Friday, February 20, 2015

TableTop Fun: Rampage

Now known as "Terror in Meeple City" - I like Rampage better. :P

From BoardGameGeek:
In Terror in Meeple City (formerly known as Rampage), you arrive in Meeple City as a gigantic, famished, scaly-skinned monster! Your goal: Dig your claws and dirty paws into the asphalt, destroy buildings, and devour innocent meeples – in short: sow terror while having fun. The monster who has caused the most damage after the carnage finally ends wins the game.
This was our first dexterity game. Simply put - you take your wooden monster, hold it straight out, and drop it onto buildings made of cardboard floors and meeples (see below). You then count up the meeples your monster "ate"... any meeples that fell off the board make you lose teeth. AWESOME. It's silly and fun, with some strategy mixed in. The goal is to collect sets of colored meeples and any other goal from your character card.

Emma was ready to Rampage.

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