Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Update: Beaver Edition

We had an "ok" weekend. Just "ok" because Ian and I are still sick. I have a cough and my ears remain blocked. Ian is almost constantly coughing. But he is trying to get in with his doctor today and I have an ENT appointment on Friday. Emma is good... finishing up her antibiotic and she seems much better. 

On Saturday, Emma did her usual check of the front yard... 

We went to get asparagus and briefly stopped to see the piggies. 

We also barbecued on Saturday and Emma felt the need to relocate the barbecue cover.

She's obsessed with shoes. She'll desperately try to put on her own shoes.. Ian has found her standing in his shoes.. and this weekend she tried on my flip flops.

On Sunday morning, we were hanging out in bed with Emma. I walked into the bathroom and heard Ian start screaming "There's a beaver!!! There's a beaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Sure enough.. there was a beaver walking down the sidewalk. He looked pretty wet, like he had just stepped out of his pond. He walked up the sidewalk, across our neighbor's lawn, back down the sidewalk, crossed the street and headed back towards the big pond in our area. Oh Canada.

We've added numerous games to our collection over the last month due to Ian's birthday and Mother's/Father's Day. We did some reorganizing and Emma helped. [She's actually playing with a bunch of "her games". They are empty boxes that we've filled with punched cardboard. Very entertaining for her.]

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