Thursday, January 14, 2016

TableTop Fun: First Train to Nuremberg

Designer: Martin Wallace
Publisher: Z-Man Games
From BoardGameGeek:
First Train to Nuremberg is a revised edition of Last Train to Wensleydale. You take the role of a railway promoter, backed by the investments of hundreds of local landowners. Your aim is to build lines that can make a profit from the transport of passengers and goods. However, money is not the only resource you require. Many locals will oppose your schemes and only with influence in the government will you be able to build over their land.
This game was one of the first that we watched from Rahdo Runs Through and I just happened to find it in the clearance section of J&J. It starts with an interesting auction with bids to increase your influence in 4 different areas. The next phase has you laying track across the board, trying to optimize your ability to ferry goods and passengers to specific train stations. I wasn't sure if I would like this game since the rules were over my head the first round. It's been a few plays since then and I've fallen in love. The biggest complaint I have, by far, is the setup. You put out a million cubes only to pick about half of them. Ridiculous! Otherwise, an excellent classic. 

Yes, it's been awhile since our first play of it. Little Emma and fuzzy phone pictures. :) 

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