Thursday, April 21, 2016

G-Ma Goes East - Day 4

Today was a really long day. We woke up - thanks to G-Ma's FIRE ALARM RINGTONE - at 4:00am and headed out an hour later. We were facing our longest day so far at 8 hours and 40 minutes... it didn't help that the hotel we stayed at last night wasn't the greatest....... I think even the animals were happy to leave! 

The first town we hit was Kansas City, Missouri which was kind of pretty... including the Royals stadium. They might have one a game or two there in 2015.

Shortly after this, we were lit up with the old blues and twos.. #GMaBreaksTheLaw...... Truthfully, it was nothing and we got the feeling that the cop was just being nosy. He pulled her over for following a tractor trailer too closely... but I didn't see that. He wanted our driver's licenses and then asked G-Ma to go sit in his car. He asked a ton of questions... especially around why I had a Canadian license. In the end, she escaped the long arm of the law and got away with a warning. Silly.

We crossed over the Missouri River and then the Mississippi River into Illinois. 

Illinois was so exciting that I didn't take a single picture. Lol. Once we crossed over into Indiana, it started to rain a bit. There was a huge downpour once we got to the hotel... just as Silo needed a bathroom break. HA.

Last leg tomorrow... 576 miles, 9 hours and 2 minutes. :D See you soon Petty Family! 

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