Tuesday, April 12, 2016

TableTop Fun: Zooloretto

Designer: Michael Schacht
Publisher: Z-Man Games
From BoardGameGeek:
In Zooloretto, each player uses small, large, wild, and exotic animals and their young to try to attract as many visitors as possible to their zoo – but be careful! The zoo must be carefully planned as before you know it, you might have too many animals and no more room for them. That brings minus points! Luckily, your zoo can expand. A zoo of a family game in which less is sometimes more...
Another fun, lighter fare game about building a zoo that uses set collection and tile placement. While it comes off as a kids game, it has a surprising amount of strategy. It's a logic puzzle about filling your zoo with animals and scoring points for filled pens. Any extra animals left in your barn will earn negative points. All I know is that once Emma is able to play it, her zoo will be nothing but pandas. :P

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