Monday, April 4, 2016

Update: G-Ma Goes East

So.. it's happening! G-Ma is going east ya'll! Kamber is taking a pass on traversing the US one more time. In 2 weeks it will just be me, G-Ma, a dog and 2 cats. Yay allergies! I leave for California on Sunday, April 17th and we depart the next day. The current plan is:

G-Ma’s House to St. George, Utah
  • 429 miles 
  • 6 hours, 13 minutes
  • Taking it easy the first day... hoping we can get the process of traveling 3 animals down before the longer days
St. George, Utah to Silverthorne, Colorado
  • 566 miles
  • 8 hours, 6 minutes
  • A little longer... this will probably be one of the prettiest stints of the trip. Also, the most risky areas for "weather". G-Ma actually said "I don't... really want to.. go through any weather." Ian's response "That's a good plan.... good luck with that". Lol :P 
Silverthorne, Colorado to Junction City, Kansas
  • 541 miles
  • 7 hours, 37 minutes
  • Ugh. Kansas. Nuff' said.
Junction City, Kansas to Plainfield, Indiana
  • 594 miles
  • 8 hours, 40 minutes
  • I don't really know what Missouri looks like... should be interesting.
Plainfield, Indiana to Kamber’s House
  • 576 miles
  • 9 hours, 1 minute
  • Longest day but the finish line in sight! 

Then I get to hang out with the Pettys and Newly Minted Virginian G-Ma for a day before flying home to the 2 crazy monkeys. I plan on hitting up Target at least once... maybe twice. :D 

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