Sunday, June 12, 2016

Toronto Zoo Fun!

We decided Emma was ready to visit her favorite animal... we took her to the Toronto Zoo to see the baby pandas! There's a video at the end but here are some highlights. 

Not sure what is happening here.. but she was psyched to go... :) 

Fun Fact: The twin pandas were born on my 33rd birthday.

Pretty much sums up Emma's reaction. *Joy*

Psst.. there are 2 baby pandas napping there.. plus the mum. 
We spotted this little red panda - such a sweet face...

Our favorite part of the visit... A peacock walked by Emma and she was like... what the... 

This bird dive-bombed Emma. Lol. 

This is a giant version of the panda G-Ma gave Emma. Thankfully, Emma didn't see it, she had passed out.


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