Monday, November 20, 2006


I didn't see much action over the weekend.  But it's okay because that's just what I wanted.  Nice quiet weekend.  Two more days until Thanksgiving.  It is a short week for me.  Amgen gives Friday off as well... 4 days of the 4 F's.. nothing but food, football, family and fun.  Okay so maybe not the last F but I wanted something cheesy.  It should be quiet this year.  Help my mom cook and watch the Bronco game... Broncos lost last night... *Big Sad Face*  I ventured to the mall yesterday and spent some money.  Most of the stores were in heading into the holiday swing.  Consumerism at it's best.  Sadly I eat it up.  I put tons of thought into gifts.  If someone asks for a gift card... I get them a little something from that store, the gift card and then a little something else.  All neatly wrapped in brown paper and tied with fabric ribbon.  One thing I don't like though... It seems around Halloween the Christmas stuff gets put out in stores.  I really don't like that... It seems to rush the holiday season and in turn rush the end of the year. 

Deviled Eggs = Thanksgiving Must Have

Click Here to view my new best friend.  This little baby will be mine very very soon... a sort of Merry Christmas/Happy New Year gift to myself for being such a trooper.  (Alright that is just the excuse I am giving.)  I am sure I am going flood this site with new pictures.  I just can't wait.  Okay.. enough dreaming.. back to work....  

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